• Corporate identity
  • Brand positioning & visual identity systems
  • Communication & culture

We help businesses unlock new opportunities.

Brand-led transformation helps companies align all aspects of their business with their core values and identity.

Creating cohesive brand experiences increases visibility and impact among customers and stakeholders while propelling company culture and business growth.

We embed ourselves in the business we’re working with, gaining a complete understanding of how they operate to discover opportunities and implement solutions. As a result, every project is entirely bespoke and centred around creative, agile, and trusting working relationships with clients.

Building relationships with:

Every project is unique. These are the areas where we've been able to excel for clients:

Brand Strategy

Discovery, stakeholder engagement, and analysis to define values, position the organisation effectively, and drive resonance and impact in the market.

Visual Identity Systems

Brand transformation, evolution, and refresh. Whether building from scratch or leaning in to evolve assets and ideas, we deliver visual outputs that connect with your vision, purpose, and culture.

Web Design

Developing engaging and user-friendly websites and training platforms that bring your identity to life and engage users.

Pitch & Present

Supporting clients in delivering more impactful pitches and presentations by crafting the structure, messaging, and design around their target audience.


Culture-driven programmes and initiatives at the intersection of design & people. Bringing your values to life and engaging stakeholders.

Design Services

Ongoing creative support for businesses to help deliver design-driven projects.

Frolic was the name of a small wooden boat.

Frolic. verb “to behave in a happy and playful way”
This is the approach we take when working with a client or collaborators. It’s central to why we enjoy doing what we do. Brand is a pivotal starting point for business, organisation, and cultural change – we take it seriously. But the process should be enjoyable, the relationship fun, and the outcomes an energetic success. And more about that boat later.

The Oar

I’m Dominic, founder of ONE | OAR. And that’s also me as an excited 14-year-old who thinks he’s about to smash a bottle of fizz and sail off on an adventure.

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